Wednesday, June 22, 2011

my future. my own.

im always thinking the future
what i want to be?
what i have to be?
what i need to be?
those questions stuck in my head.
from the moment i know life
and still stuck until today.
no one can pull it out.
unless me.

what i want to be?
i want to be a teacher.
i love school.
i love kids
i love to teach
i love teens life
by being a teacher.
i think
it makes me teen.

what i have to be?
i have to be a quantity surveyor
what the heck with quantity surveyor?
i also dont know much.
after 3 years in um
i still dont know much.
i dont blame them.
i blame myself.
for not pay attention

now, deeply in my heart.
i do regret
i do regret with my decision.
all my decisions
too bad
i cant turn the time
so i need to proceed
with what i have chosen
this is faith
from Allah
Allah knows best for us.

i believe in Allah
i believe in Qada and Qadar
i believe Allah planning something good for me.
cuz i know Allah knows the best for me.

notakakiku: i dont know why i cried a lot.

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