Wednesday, October 05, 2011

today is the G-DAY!

today is the G-DAY!
im so excited.
of course
but a bit clumsy here and there.
but it end quite well.

tonne of pictures
been taken
but none of them
with all my besties

dear all my besties
im so sedih
for not taken a single picture
with all of us
sedih sgt

thats what i wish for
a picture of all of us
something worth to remember
to remember us
that we are the besties
for all the years in UM.

what else can i say
i cant turn back the time
i cant make the g-day happen twice
i just cant make it

well, i just want youu guys know
that i just love
you guys
with all my heart
hoping to see u soon
hoping to meet u soon
hoping to chit chat with u soon.

i need to stop
before the tear come out

notakakiku: <3 my besties. scroll down till the end. to see who are my besties!

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