Monday, May 21, 2012

lets CELEBRATE the TV!

pernah dengar pasal CELEBRATE TV? die adelah shows yang ada kat youtube. so, kite bole tgk online and repeat! ;P actually, the shows are based on the real life stories. some of the vidoes are DIY CREW and A PIECE OF CAKE! oh both shows memang super duper awesome! NO DOUBT about it! and the best part. its ALL MALAYSIAN! ;)

For DIY CREW, its the shows yang cerita pasal the successful Malaysian yang buat benda2 yang unik lagi cool. macam the KARIPOP, AZAHCHAN, FREOW CRAFTS. all of these people memang creative yet brilliant. so this shows untuk rakyat malaysian to get inspired and start to be creative! oh yeahhh. and one more thing, the show hosted by HAFIZ of FLY FM. ;)

and for A PIECE OF CAKE, show untuk belajar buat CAKE yang cute! on the video nampak senang tuk buat tapi macam susah! but, takpe still got time to learn! hehe. 

anyway enjoy the video from CELEBRATE TV~

the karipop!

azah azrina

faradiba of freow crafts

a piece of cake!

notakakiku: lets support our malaysian creative people! ;)


YaYaNsMuM a.k.a YM said...

wahhh!so it!:D

ztsuhaily abdmalib said...

kan! ;) suke sgt tgk dieorang ni. wish macam dieorang jugak! ;)

Mas Ira said...

Suka lah creative2 ni :)

ztsuhaily abdmalib said...

kann! seronok kalau ade talent macam dieorang nieyh! ;)