Tuesday, July 16, 2013

its just another year

its my birthday today.
ohh yess.
im twenty-four-years-old.
another year added to my age. 

for me.
its more than just another year older.

but its more like
another year wiser.
another year mature
another year bitter
another year experience
another year happiness
another year joyful

after all, 
its just another year to be grateful 
for whatever i have today
all praise to Allah.

the maturest pic of mine.enjoy. pfft

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ramadhan Kareem

Assalammualaikum lovelies.

Wishing every one Ramadhan Kareem. May Allah accept all our prayers in this beautiful Ramadhan..


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ja's wedding.

even though its happening 2 weeks ago.
i think its never too late to say 


it was a beautiful wedding indeed.
beautiful theme color,
beautiful pelamin,
and delicious yummy nasi minyak! 


ja's wedding card 
beautiful pelamin

ja and husband on lyrical backdrop 

the best part. photobooth! 

Saturday, June 08, 2013

heart, mind and soul

when you put your heart,
mind and soul into your art. 
or even into your work.
it will last forever. 
and that's how our beloved P. Ramlee do! 


Friday, June 07, 2013


its friday.
everyone favorites.
its a beginning of weekend.
and happiness.
i love you friday!

Monday, June 03, 2013

my new journey

ive been busy lately.
a lot of stuff need to be done.
a lot of new things happen.
a lot of cool places ive been.
all thanks to the Almighty.
He put me to a wonderful place with wonderful people so that i experience a wonderful life. #alhamdulillah.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day

Wishing every cikgu in the world, HAPPY TEACHER's DAY!! 

especially cikgu2 from

1. fatima kindergarten, bukit nanas 
2. sek keb sultan hisamuddin alam shah, kl
3. kelas pend islam masjid negara, kl
4. sek men keb perimbun, cheras
5. mrsm muar
6. asasi alam bina, pasum
7. fakulti alam bina, um
8. gcap, gmi bangi

"The joys of learning come only from you! "

Thank you teachers, cikgu, ustazah, lecturers, tutors and all

love youuuuuu!!!!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

what GIRLS should have for raya!

last Monday i went to a bookstore. and guess what i find? a really cool magazine. owh. btw im more to magazine-typed people compared to book-typed people. hehe

i wanted to buy at first but suddenly ive found a cool magazine by nur magazine.
its full of hijab style. like 200 styles. various kind of style. from casual, bawal, raya or even for wedding hijab style. ^_^

the best part of this magazine is that it include all the hijab tips and also d-i-y part. like making ur own brooch. aint it cool?? hehehe

since raya lagi 2bulan, i bet most of the Muslim women had started looking for baju raya! so why not buy this cool magazine to inspire your raya outfit. hehe

oh ya, dont forget to drop by BUTTERSCARVES fb page for scarves collection as well as for RAYA COLLECTION!

till then.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

random thoughts

Everyone wants to be the sun that lights up your life.

But I'd rather be your moon, so I can shine on you during your darkest hour when your sun isn't around.


Friday, April 19, 2013

my popfruit!

i always have trouble in eating fruits! pufhhh.. i dont like eating apple, pear, honeydew, and orange. but i eat all of it. where keadaan memaksa i untuk makan. which means, i eat those fruits when my uncle force me, when tuan rumah hidangkan those fruits time i datang, and bla..bla..

everybody know that apple good for our health. like people always said. "an apple a day keep the doctor away ". though, i still have trouble to eat apples. hurm.

so, last week my cousin, wedad teach to eat fruits salad. which like always. i dont like it. because it has apples, orange, and other fruits that i dont like!

but, i still give it a try to taste. and surprisingly, OMG! it taste goods! super goods! even though it mix with all the fruits that i dont like! 

then today, i try my own fruit salad where i call it as POPFRUIT!  why POPFRUIT? i dont know, maybe i substitute my fruit salad with popcorn while i watch my movies. well, does it make any sense? haha whatever lah. janji it taste SUPER YUMMY!


oh, anyway, my POPFRUIT for today is a combination of GREEN APPLE, PINEAPPLE and MANGO. 

my yummy POPFRUIT!

totally love it!

p/s: why dont try yourself! ^_^

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Graduate Career Accelerated Program

I've been thinking to write this post since last month. but i kept it on my draft box. pufffhh. its been hard for me write to start writing a post after u 'puase' from writing it. ahaks. =_=''

oh yeah. for the past 3 months i kept myself busy with my business. BUTTERSCARVES (drop by to our fb page yeahh.. hehe siap promote plak. )

anyway, since last February to march, i've been joining a program called GRADUATE CAREER ACCELERATED PROGRAM. its a program for unemployed graduate (like me! =_=). luckily this program was held in Bangi, so its quite easy for me to handle my business as well. :)

through out  5 weeks program, we've been training by the incredibly superb facilitators! i have no regrets at all joining this program. my facilitators were the best facilitators i've ever had!

together we jump!
we've been training in a lot of course, basic English, English in communication, critical thinking, organizational adaptability, value driven performance. i love all of them. especially English! its helps me a lot!

she's a mama!

well, other than the faci, the course, i totally  love my classmates! oh yeaa. they all awesome! double awesome! even though we came from different parts of Malaysia  even though we are all differ in age, we are still making a good friends. indeed, they all are my sisters and brothers!

within the five weeks, i have to admit, i learnt a lot from the facilitators, and my friends.

our dinner moment!

love them!
even now, even though we are far apart. we still connect through Facebook ( all thanks to mark zuckerberg). we share a lot of things. photos, videos, experience, tips and other things!

i'm glad i'm a part of the program. may the government continue this wonderful effort to decrease the percentage of unemployed. oh yea, forgot to mention, thanks to Sakinah too! she's the one who invite me to join this program! hehe ^__^

if you are jobless and wanted to join this program. you can always check it out through

p/s: i love to share all the photos. but im too busy to upload. hehe ;)

Blog Description

managed to change my background.
its a success!
even though not that pretty as all of u punye background.
but for me yg buta IT, its a TRUE SUCCESS!
whatever lah kan..
janji i manage to change from the polka2 things. ^_^

oh yea, i've changed my blog description too.
from "this is it" to "there's a light that never goes out"
i like the phrase.
it so meaningful.

yea, i believe that "there's a light that never goes out"
you just have to keep the faith in everything that you do.
in shaa Allah you will find a TRUE SUCCESS towards the end.

p/s:Just Keep The Faith,and Keep Praying.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

clearance stock!

Assalammualaikum ladies,

in shaa Allah malam ni nak buat clearance stock! rm 20 sahaja! buy more than 3 dpt free postage okay!!
so, stay tuned dgn kami malam ni jam 8.30PM. okay! ;)

Tengkiu ^_^


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


i always have trouble in decorating my blog.
i just don't know how to start.
what to design?
its such a big problem for me.
gotta needs some class with this.


Monday, February 04, 2013


Assalammualaikum semua, 

Alhamdulillah, ni post untuk senaraikan semua pemenang untuk 


**again nak mintak maaf sebab lambat nak announce name pemenang. T__T

SERIOUSLY memang susah bangat nak pilih SERIOUSLY SUSAH!

Semua STYLE-STYLE belaka! OMG! (aku pun x pandai nak style gitu =___=)

Anyway nak ucapkan JUTAAN TERIMA KASIH pada semua yang sudi join GA nie.

 (sama ade join kat inistoryku @ butterscarves)


Seperti yang dijanjikan, pemenang untuk 


Pemilihan dibuat berdasarkan style scarves yang dibuat yer. :)






Diharap pemenang-pemenang bole pm/inbox/message di  FB PAGE BUTTERSCARVES details korang yer (nama, address,phone no., link post korang)


Mohon maaf atas keterlewatan winner GA

Assalammualaikum ladies, and semua-semua yang join GA STYLE YOUR SCARVES.

First sekali sy nak MINTAK MAAF, sebab lambat sangat nak announce Winner GA ni. :(

Untuk pengetahuan kalian, hanya saya yang uruskan semua berkenaan dengan BUTTERSCARVES,

So, sy mengalami kesulitan dalam menguruskan segala-galanye sendirian tanpa bantuan.

Saya memohon maaf atas keterlewatan ini.


Sekali lagi, sy minta maaf.


Saturday, January 05, 2013



Ini merupakan entry pertama untuk tahun 2013. Sedikit nervous.  Melangkah ke tahun baru, bermakna melangkah ke umur yang baru. yakni TUA. Maka dengan itu, gaya penulisan entry pun haruslah selari dengan peningkatan umur. ^__^

Tahun 2012 sudah berlalu. Satu chapter hidup sudah berlalu. Tahun 2013. Lembaran chapter baru dibuka. Sepatutnya lembaran tahun ini lebih bermakna, untuk diri dan keluarga.

Tapi, setakat hari ini, hidup masih seperti biasa. Tiada Kerja. Tidak mahu menyalahkan diri sendiri, keluarga dan siapa-siapa. Hanya berharap pengorbanan ini. pengorbanan yang tidak sia-sia. Moga Dia mengaturkan hidup aku untuk sesuatu yang lebih indah. Amiin. =)

Bile dikenang 2012. Banyak benda nak tulis kat sini. Terlalu banyak. Tapi macam malas pule nak tulis kat sini. hehe. Takot ade air mate, air hidung, air mulot dan macam2 air keluar. Baik pendam buat perkasam. hehe

Berharap 2013 akan ade lebih banyak pengalaman hidup yang menarik. weee ^..^