Thursday, April 18, 2013

Graduate Career Accelerated Program

I've been thinking to write this post since last month. but i kept it on my draft box. pufffhh. its been hard for me write to start writing a post after u 'puase' from writing it. ahaks. =_=''

oh yeah. for the past 3 months i kept myself busy with my business. BUTTERSCARVES (drop by to our fb page yeahh.. hehe siap promote plak. )

anyway, since last February to march, i've been joining a program called GRADUATE CAREER ACCELERATED PROGRAM. its a program for unemployed graduate (like me! =_=). luckily this program was held in Bangi, so its quite easy for me to handle my business as well. :)

through out  5 weeks program, we've been training by the incredibly superb facilitators! i have no regrets at all joining this program. my facilitators were the best facilitators i've ever had!

together we jump!
we've been training in a lot of course, basic English, English in communication, critical thinking, organizational adaptability, value driven performance. i love all of them. especially English! its helps me a lot!

she's a mama!

well, other than the faci, the course, i totally  love my classmates! oh yeaa. they all awesome! double awesome! even though we came from different parts of Malaysia  even though we are all differ in age, we are still making a good friends. indeed, they all are my sisters and brothers!

within the five weeks, i have to admit, i learnt a lot from the facilitators, and my friends.

our dinner moment!

love them!
even now, even though we are far apart. we still connect through Facebook ( all thanks to mark zuckerberg). we share a lot of things. photos, videos, experience, tips and other things!

i'm glad i'm a part of the program. may the government continue this wonderful effort to decrease the percentage of unemployed. oh yea, forgot to mention, thanks to Sakinah too! she's the one who invite me to join this program! hehe ^__^

if you are jobless and wanted to join this program. you can always check it out through

p/s: i love to share all the photos. but im too busy to upload. hehe ;)


MyLaDYnuR88 said...

at least u got ur own business..gud luck dear..built ur own career.

ztsuhaily abdmalib said...

thank u miss. in shaa Allah. gud luck to u too ~