Friday, April 19, 2013

my popfruit!

i always have trouble in eating fruits! pufhhh.. i dont like eating apple, pear, honeydew, and orange. but i eat all of it. where keadaan memaksa i untuk makan. which means, i eat those fruits when my uncle force me, when tuan rumah hidangkan those fruits time i datang, and bla..bla..

everybody know that apple good for our health. like people always said. "an apple a day keep the doctor away ". though, i still have trouble to eat apples. hurm.

so, last week my cousin, wedad teach to eat fruits salad. which like always. i dont like it. because it has apples, orange, and other fruits that i dont like!

but, i still give it a try to taste. and surprisingly, OMG! it taste goods! super goods! even though it mix with all the fruits that i dont like! 

then today, i try my own fruit salad where i call it as POPFRUIT!  why POPFRUIT? i dont know, maybe i substitute my fruit salad with popcorn while i watch my movies. well, does it make any sense? haha whatever lah. janji it taste SUPER YUMMY!


oh, anyway, my POPFRUIT for today is a combination of GREEN APPLE, PINEAPPLE and MANGO. 

my yummy POPFRUIT!

totally love it!

p/s: why dont try yourself! ^_^


cik tenggiling said...

fruits can help you to have a radiant skin..

ztsuhaily abdmalib said...

oh yes. its so true, indeed. ;)