Wednesday, May 08, 2013

what GIRLS should have for raya!

last Monday i went to a bookstore. and guess what i find? a really cool magazine. owh. btw im more to magazine-typed people compared to book-typed people. hehe

i wanted to buy at first but suddenly ive found a cool magazine by nur magazine.
its full of hijab style. like 200 styles. various kind of style. from casual, bawal, raya or even for wedding hijab style. ^_^

the best part of this magazine is that it include all the hijab tips and also d-i-y part. like making ur own brooch. aint it cool?? hehehe

since raya lagi 2bulan, i bet most of the Muslim women had started looking for baju raya! so why not buy this cool magazine to inspire your raya outfit. hehe

oh ya, dont forget to drop by BUTTERSCARVES fb page for scarves collection as well as for RAYA COLLECTION!

till then.

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